Release Management

Release Management aims to ensure the integrity of the production environment using formal procedures and checks to mitigate potential risks to existing services that can be created by frequent and un-coordinated change.

Unlike Change Management that is focused on verification, Release Management is concerned with the implementation of new versions of IT services.

Release Management is required when organisations are looking to deploy:

  • Large or critical changes that if not working correctly would cause significant impact
  • Large volumes of change that create frequent risk to critical systems.

Large volumes of change should be managed through the grouping of projects that contain common risk areas and by coordinating the delivery of these changes in appropriately sized releases.

As competitive industries create the need for companies to continually introduce change, a coordinated approach to the implementation of those changes can greatly assist in maintaining the integrity of production systems and ensuring the quality of existing and new products and services being offered to consumers.

TL Consulting have a proven record in defining and implementing Release Management processes to support demanding roadmaps in some of Australia’s largest and most recognized organisations. Our consultants can reduce risk, identify current capability and implement processes to support heavy parallel project demands. Our experienced consultants can effectively manage the release process to ensure the successful implementation of the IT delivery roadmap.